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Welcome to Blush Cloud. We coach for Diversity Equity and Inclusion!
We support professionals who work towards expanding Inclusion in their respective industries alongside their day jobs. We help them find a balance while still putting in the good work that supports their communities.

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Leadership coaching

Our leadership coaching is built bespoke to your specific requirements, because we understand how to create a successful coaching partnership that aligns with your expectations and goals. We provide you with the right tools to take full advantage of your skills and form effective connections to last a lifetime. It's our passion to help businesses and organisations drive equality, promote and truly embrace diversity and inclusion within the workplace. It’s without a doubt that a strong diversity and inclusion strategy has the power to transform your organisation by developing team members, and attracting only the best talent to consistently drive exceptional results.

diversity & inclusion coaching

Organisations that launch diversity and inclusion initiatives have seen a drastic improvement within their structures . Research shows that diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams. When an individual is able to bring their best and most authentic self forward, that can truly affect performance. But to facilitate this, a company must foster the right organisational culture.

Diversity and inclusion principles are embedded in all of our services. All of Blush Clouds services are based on positive psychology principles - the diversity and inclusion tools address issues by focusing and expanding on existing successes. This type of work can be incredibly positive and productive, but it is crucial that it is holistic for it to have the desired effect. We cannot thrive until all of us thrive.

A great place to start would be our work on mentoring. Affiliate mentoring programs or diversity geared mentoring programs are a great tool for inclusion in an organisation. You can find ideas and support on the topic here.

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