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In a world torn by divides, become the leader that unites

In this service, we offer one-on-one leadership development coaching. With our leadership coaching, you can evolve from being just a manager to leading with inspiration. If you choose this service , you would be working to attract young creative talent, build loyalty and create a comfortable safe space for your team to evolve with you.

When simply telling people what to do is not enough, when hearing the same proposals and seeing the same approaches becomes tiring and worst of all, damages the business, executive leadership coaching can also help you discover new, fresh techniques in which you can motivate your team and heighten your sensitivity, allowing them to start developing their own potential.

executive leadership coaching

Executive leadership coaching is focused on helping you explore your own values to define your goals and the leadership style that is truly congruent with the most authentic you. The process supports you in incorporating coaching techniques within that leadership style, so that you expand your understanding of the team, and allow them to start developing their potential. Ultimately, the work helps you build an interdependent team made of unique people who feel comfortable bringing their whole self to work, and because of that apply their full capacity within your business.  

In times riddled with uncertainty, we are tricked into quick fixes and short-term mends. This is not a short-term coaching intervention promising fast results. Personal leadership coaching requires you to wholeheartedly commit. This service is a commitment from yourself to yourself in your own long-term sustainable development. Evolution requires time and as tool driving evolution, leadership coaching does too.

Each one of the packages below outlines the focus of the service, however each coaching intervention is highly individual. Your experience will be unique to you and your coach will be fully committed to your agenda and your sustainable growth.

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our leadership coaching packages


6 Months

12 Coaching Sessions

Establishing a Leadership

This package is a 6 month commitment made out of 12 coaching sessions for leaders. We work to identify your deepest values, so that we can then anchor your goals on to them. We learn how to look at any and all circumstances in a strategic way, as opportunities, as opposed to obstacles. We analyse your existing leadership style and identify and work on the points that require attention.


9 Months

18 Coaching Session

Deeper Understanding of the team

This is a 9 month commitment made out of 18 sessions. Within the first 12 sessions we work on the items from the “Me” Package. We then move onto learning how to incorporate coaching techniques within your leadership approaches, so that you can gradually build sensitivity to your team. With the work that we do, you will be able to listen and accept people from any diverse backgrounds in an inviting way.


12 Months

24 Coaching Sessions

Ability to build an Interdependant team

This is a 12 month commitment made out of 24 coaching sessions. Here you begin with the objectives from “Me”, followed by the ones in “Them”. In the final three moths of the programme you develop skills to create an interdependent team. Not only you will be able to attract diverse teams, you will be able to effortlessly lead them, retain their loyalty and take advantage of their very best and most unique ideas and work.

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