Karen Fugle

Executive Coach
London, UK
"She was brilliant at keeping me on target"

I enlisted Katya's coaching to help with my goal of releasing an industry report. As my sounding board and accountability partner, she was brilliant at keeping me on target. With Katya's attention, I was able to focus, maintain motivation, keep my expectations realistic, and deliver on time. Katya brings a genuine warmth and energy to her coaching, and I especially loved that she was there, as cheerleader, celebrating milestones along the way.

Kirsti Wells

Business Development Manager
Shropshire, UK
"I CAN achieve anything!"

I cannot say enough about the impact that Katya, her support and coaching has had on me both professionally and personally. I am someone that struggles generally with confidence and also is very self-critical and after the 6 coaching sessions, I have the ability to now look at things in a whole new light.

I have encountered many things in my life and have had to overcome many obstacles, which has taken its toll but Katya has provided me with the tools to counterbalance my initial responses and emotions, enabling me to react to situations more positively and most of all more confidently.

The most simplest of changes and viewing things in a new light, can make the world of difference and just being able to see and reflect on this has provided me with a new outlook. I was asked to look at my life in 5 years time, in pictures, which really opened my eyes, as I always thought that my working life was my main focus but it showed that my overall aim is to have a happy home life. The direction I was headed was a positive one before my coaching but now its even clearer with the added bonus of confidence in my own abilities I know I CAN achieve anything!

Dr Jenni Barrett

Lancashire, UK
"...after only a few sessions, I had achieved new insights into the way I work and my career potential"

I wasn’t sure if career coaching was for me, but after only a few sessions, I had achieved new insights into the way I work and my career potential.  These insights have helped me to make a meaningful and achievable action plan.  Katya is incredibly astute and her positive personality and process has made me feel more motivated and excited about my professional future.  Within days of my last session, a significant opportunity arose that I am now pursuing.  This was no coincidence.  Career coaching is an invaluable process, and Katya is great to work with.

Emily Miles

PhD Researcher
London, UK
"...an innate talent for working with people"

Katya contacted me to offer me coaching at a crucial point in my life and my career. It was as though she could sense through an email that I needed help in getting un-stuck! So from the beginning it was clear that she is a very instinctive and emotionally intelligent coach – with an innate talent for working with people. She applied these skills intelligently and professionally throughout the process. She helped me work through not just the practicalities of pursuing my next career path, with some really helpful exercises, but she also helped me surface and reflect on why I was feeling so stuck in the first place.

She was an excellent listener to help me talk through my challenges, but also was very disciplined in holding me to account! This balance is a very difficult one to achieve and I recommend Katya to anyone who needs a friendly and welcoming ear, blended perfectly with the motivation and discipline that I needed to take the next step in my career development.

I wish her the best of luck and utmost success in her coaching journey.

Plamena Allen

Placement Advisor
Portsmouth, UK
"...unique coach who is energetic yet calm"

Katya has helped me improve my presentation skills significantly both in terms of public speaking and the creation of pre-recorded video materials. The feedback she gave me not only highlighted my areas of improvement and further development in a gentle and nurturing way but also helped me see my strengths which improved my level of self-awareness and boosted my confidence. Katya's versatile career background combined with her genuine empathetic nature make her a unique coach who is energetic yet calm and highly perceptive. I was struggling with a tendency to be overly self-critical and self-doubting but Katya helped me view my work in a different angle which allowed me to regain enjoyment and fulfilment from it whilst recognising my own achievements. In addition, with her extensive technical knowledge coupled with creative flair, Katya is always able to provide fresh ideas, new perspectives and inspire people.


London, UK
"...and then float out with clarity"

Katya's guidance was invaluable!

I rediscovered my framework of values, redefined professional goals and discovered a personal leadership style in a blink of an eye thanks to her - It was kind of like seeing a chiropractor, you walk in with a stiff neck and then float out with clarity!  

Most highly recommended!!!

Emma Jackson

Recruitment & Business Development Consultant
Rushmoor, UK
"Whomever ventures to this service will shine forward!"

I had the pleasure of meeting Katya through a mutual interest in Women in BIM, my collaboration with her has only been over the past year but I have to say, she has expanded my mindset and opened my thoughts to things that I had misplaced, forgotten or had left unrecognised.

When Katya offered me the opportunity to coach with her I jumped at it! Not only is she highly energetic and motivational but she challenges ‘the self’ – this is something that sparked a further curiosity and drive for myself, we never recognise the self and Katya makes you!!

I have been reminded of the power of reflection to promote forward. I have been shown a simpler way. Thank you Katya, I cannot recommend you enough and wish you every success with this venture. You’ve shared your talent and worked hard to support my personal development and I am truly grateful.

All the best with Blush Cloud! Whomever ventures to this service will shine forward!


Head of Training
London, UK
" I have found [our sessions] invaluable for reaching my goals"

I have started with Katya as a pro-bono client, however I have decided to continue with our coaching sessions beyond the pro-bono period because I have found them invaluable for reaching my goals. Katya has always been very professional, non-judgemental and supportive. I have felt that with her help I could push my boundaries and achieve more than I would have been able to without our sessions. I particularly appreciated that she has the instinct to explore further the areas that turn out to be the most important and most helpful to reaching my goals.

I have found working with Katya very easy and straightforward due to her open personality and sense of humour. Thank you, Katya.

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