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The mission of Blush Cloud is to change the atmosphere in the workplace and to bring that bright warm new dawn of collaborative and inclusive working that is the only thing that can respond to the challenges of today.

The world economy has built itself on a certain type of structures of power in the last two hundred years or so, and we are seeing today that significant parts of that have led our physical and social environment to deteriorate significantly. We, as a global society are in a desperate need of fresh perspectives and new ways of working to face the unique challenges of our contemporary world.

We have been in survival mode for way too long, getting used to putting down fires figuratively and literally – we only seem to have had capacity to deal with the symptoms. What is the alternative to that?

All Blush Cloud services are based on positive psychology principles. Those tools and solutions address issues by focusing on ways of thriving. This type of work can be incredibly positive and productive, but it is imperative that it is holistic for it to have the desired effect. We cannot thrive until all of us thrive.

This is how we naturally arrive at the demand for diversity and inclusion. Blush Cloud services fundamentally strive to support organisational diversity and inclusion on all levels.

The Influence Development service is for people who are keen to communicate and spread their message in a more effective way, because communicating clearly different points of view is the very first step of true inclusion.

The Diversity and Inclusion Tools service provides various products that can quickly and simply be applied to any environment and allow for the wider organisational community to start different conversations and start applying positive inclusive practices.

The Team Development service allows for a deeper look at a specific team. With fully accredited DISC assessment on board blended with D&I focus and lived experience, the service provides scientifically based reporting and recommendations to ensure that all team members can live up to their full potential.

Lastly, but arguably most important – the Leadership Development service. This service creates a safe space for leaders to develop and improve. A truly inclusive leader at the top of an organisation is the actual foundation for sustainable inclusive and diverse environment. There has been a lot of research on D&I, so here you can have a look at some of the research we find interesting.

"What is the alternative to putting out fires?"

"All Blush Cloud services are based on positive psychology principles"

"We cannot thrive until all of us thrive"

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