Team Development

Turn diverse groups into highly functioning inclusive teams

There is undeniable data that shows that diverse teams outperform homogenous teams by a long way, with higher quality and higher accuracy of decision making and idea generation. (insert links to dr. Katherine Philipps talks) Diversity however is nothing without inclusion. On the contrary inserting different individuals in existing homogenous organisational cultures only makes them feel like they need to blend in, and in this way, they need to work harder to produce what you already have, and then eventually retreat entirely leaving both management and themselves in the best case scenario not satisfied. It is not sufficient to bring in female employees, ethnically, racially diverse people or people with accessibility requirements, you need to foster environments in which those people can thrive and feel comfortable bringing their unique experience in.

To create inclusive cultures, the first steps to get to know your team. This service applies personality profiling as well as individualised workshops and interviews that culminate in a report and a bespoke recommendation for inclusion practices that can help you truly change the atmosphere. The second step is to apply some one-on-one coaching for team members that may need support to implement the above.  

Team Assessment

1/2 Day +

DISc Assessment and a coaching workshop


This service starts with personality type assessment from the team with DISC profiling. DISC was established as a personality profiling system by American psychologist William Marston in the late 1920s. Marston and his wife Elizabeth Holloway invented the lie detector and was the creator of the Wonder Woman comic.
This insight is followed by a one day workshop to that can be supplemented with additional interviews to get to know the team better. In the end the organisation is provided with a detailed report highlighting the personality types of the team and recommendations to improve overall efficiency and inclusivity.



Coaching and training


Team implementation – This is a second steam to the “Team observation and assessment” service. It is a highly bespoke coaching service to implement the above recommendations. This may involve one on one and group sessions and workshops, depending on the results of the initial assessment.

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