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In recent years, many organisations have found themselves having to meet diversity and inclusion demands, but unfortunately as a whole lacking an understanding of their importance and application. The very need for D&I points to a largely homogenous leadership, so it is understandable that the whole endeavour seems overwhelming to a decision making group that may be lacking the lived experience or knowledge of exclusion.

Blush Cloud aims to bridge this gap in various ways and one of them is with immediately applicable tools for inclusion. Our most popular diversity and inclusion tool includes the support of affiliate mentoring schemes, you can read more about it here. We also offer support in the form of talks and organisation wide documentation language reviews.



Founder of Blush Cloud, Katya Veleva started her journey as a mentor over a decade ago. Her extensive experience of volunteer mentoring lead her to design and head a global program for mentoring for women in digital construction. We offer her expertise to help you set up and run an affiliate mentoring program in your organisation. Details about the products available in this service can be found here.

Unconscious Bias TRAINING

90 min Talk

1/2 Day Workshop

This service allows your organisation to put down the foundations of understanding unconscious bias. We start off by understanding why we all have bias and how natural it is for our brains, we look at uber-bias and finally we discuss how to work on improving our awareness of our own biases. This is an initiation service only and we strongly recommend that you plan further investment into your organisation’s D&I development


time frame varies

Is the documentation for your organisation written for everyone? Do you assume gender identity in your contracts? Do you know why “she/he” is not enough? Does the health and safety documentation you have assume ability? Do your cultural activities assume background and religion? We can help with all of this. This service is an inspection and review of organisational documentation that results in a report with recommendations of how to to ensure that the materials you use to run your company truly include everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, gender identity, orientation, ability and socio-economic background.

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