Episode 05 Tom Spurgin

In this episode we talk to Tom Spurgin, the audience development manager for the London Philharmonia. HIs work around expanding the audience and opening the doors to a traditional, established and admittedly elitist institution not only to new ears, but also to artist who have previously felt excluded is truly inspiring!

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Episode 05 Alex Grigull

In this episode, Katya talks to Alex Grigull. Alex is an architect and an associate at Grimshaw Architects, a world-renowned practice pioneering in high-tech design with numerous awards, including the most prestigious recognitions for architecture in the world. The focus of the conversation is his work on the Grimshaw LGBT+ group. He spearheaded the initiative and continues to support its growing significance in the whole of the architectural profession. Because of his work he was named UK Construction week top 4 Role model in 2019.

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Episode 04 Ellen Jones

In this episode, Katya talks to Ellen Jones, a writer, an activist a consultant and overall Multi-Hyphenated Gen Z-er. They talk about Ellen's experience in creating gif stickers for Instagram stories to increase the representation queer disabled people.

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Episode 03 Daniele Finadaca

In this episode, Katya talks Daniele Fiandaca, founder of Token Man. Daniele is passionate about involving men in the conversation about Inclusion Equity and Diversity. One of his brilliant initiatives is the annual Masculinity in the Workplace Survey/Event where he and his team gather the information that informs their approach for change-making.

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Episode 02 Catriona Maybury

In this episode, Katya talks to Catriona Maybury about her brilliantly diverse professional experience and how she arrived at the place where she needed to do something for her community. She felt so many people in London were living without having any idea what is going on on their doorstep, but also would be so willing anad able to help if they did. This was the seed that another brilliant podcast was born from.

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Episode 01 Kirsti Wells

In the very first episode of the podcast Katya talks to Kirsti Wells about her experience with neurodiversity and all the work she is doing around creating more space for neurodiversity in the workplace.

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